Quote of the day: No amount of hard work can overcome a negative mindset

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No amount of hard work can overcome a negative mindset. - Jill Koenig

Let's face it, we all lead busy lives and one of the greatest contributors to our busyness is the work that we do. We may toil away at our jobs (in fact, for around 90,000 hours of our life!), but it's important to recognise that: 

  • Our mindset often affects productivity and performance,
  • How we think influences our interactions with colleagues, and
  • Our mindset affects how resilient we are in the face of challenges and negative feedback.

So, stay tuned this month when our resident corporate psychologist, Farah Gulamoydeen, takes the helm at our blog. Farah will blog on 5 Unhelpful Thinking Styles in the Workplace and How a Psychologist can help you with Workplace Issues.

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