Our team at The Skill Collective

At The Skill Collective we've assembled a great team of psychologists to help you build skills in a wide range of areas, be they working on managing stress at work, to relationship challenges, and also when your wellbeing feels a bit wobbly. 

Read on to learn more about each of us and our areas of focus.

Psychologist in subiaco perth providing counselling and treatment for university students perfectionism grief illness and anxiety


Clinical Psychologist (Registrar)
BA(Hons), MPsych(Clin), MAPS

Sylvie is a pragmatic and skills-based clinician who has extensive experience working with university students, individuals facing burnout or adjustment issues, anxiety, and depression. She also has an interest in working holistically to address health concerns such as weight, substance misuse, nicotine dependence, and other health issues.

Therapeutic approaches that Sylvie uses include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Solution-focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

areas of focus

Sylvie has a special interest in working with the following presentations:

  • University students and their related challenges (study skills, living with anxiety while studying, exam anxiety).

  • Performance issues including perfectionism, procrastination

  • Work/life balance, burnout, and stress management

  • Anxiety (Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  • Depression and mood difficulties

  • Coping with life events and transitions. I have an interest in adjustment to life changes such as grief and loss, relationship breakdowns, immigration, and transitioning to university or into the workforce

  • Health issues including weight management, emotional eating, substance misuse.

Sylvie has worked for over five years at the UWA Counselling and Psychological Services. She completed her undergraduate training in Canada, and her postgraduate training at UWA. Sylvie is fluent in French.

Sylvie works with individuals aged 12+ years, and is registered to provide Medicare and health fund rebates.

psychologist subiaco perth counselling anxiety pain grief adjustment

dr keely bebbington

Clinical Psychologist
BSc(Hons), MPsych(Clinical),PhD, MACPA

Keely is a compassionate and practical therapist with a special interest in helping clients during significant life events, be it grief, adjusting to a health diagnosis, or other significant changes.

She helps individuals work through the anxiety and stress that such significant changes bring. Keely also has a special interest in working with depression, chronic pain, and interpersonal relationships (including improving attachment working from a Circle of Security approach).

areas of focus

Keely’s particular strengths are in working with the following presentations:

  • Building resilience in adjusting to life events (e.g. relationship breakdown, loss/grief, health diagnoses, pregnancy and parenting)

  • Health issues (e.g. alcohol misuse, chronic pain, rehabilitation)

  • Anxiety (Worry/Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic attacks, Phobias, Social anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  • Stress management, Burnout, and Work/life balance

  • Helping parents build positive relationships with children from a Circle of Security framework

Through her training and clinical work Keely has gained experience in pain management and rehabilitation, alcohol and substance misuse, as well as trauma and anxiety. She takes an open and inquisitive approach to an individual's experience of how difficult situations impact on their wellbeing, and focuses on how to tailor evidence-based techniques to best suit an individual's particular needs.

In addition to her clinical work Keely also works in research at the Telethon Kids Institute in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Type 1 Diabetes, and has worked at The University of Western Australia tutoring undergraduate psychology students and co-supervising Honours students.

Keely studied at The University of Western Australia, where she completed her PhD on the impact of anxiety on the communication of emotional information.

She works with adults as well as children aged 3+ years.  Keely is registered to provide Medicare and some health fund rebates.

psychologist counselling subiaco perth bullying anxiety mindfulness pain stress

farah gulamoydeen

Registered Psychologist

BA(Psych), BBusMan, MClinPsy, MAPS

Farah is a friendly and solution-focused psychologist who is experienced in the fields of clinical and corporate psychology. She is particularly skilled in helping individuals with work-related difficulties (e.g. performance, work/life balance, stress) and also in adjusting to periods of transition in their lives.

Farah takes a practical skill- and technique-based focus when it comes to wellbeing and mental health. Farah's therapeutic approaches include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and Solution-focused Therapy.

areas of focus

Areas that Farah works well with include:

  • Work-related issues (Bullying, Motivation, and Work/life balance)
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety (Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Phobias, Performance anxiety)
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Adjusting to change (e.g. grief/loss, migration, loss of job)
  • Health (incl. diagnosis of health condition, chronic pain, chronic disease)
  • Finding meaning in life
  • Communication + relationships

Farah's particular strengths include assisting individuals through a time of significant change or life transition (e.g. loss of job, grief/loss, retirement) drawing on their values to help navigate through such periods of adjustment that typically bring about stress, anxiety, and low mood. She also has a special interest in assisting individuals navigate changes in their health, including adjusting to health diagnoses or working with chronic pain.

In addition to her clinical work Farah also facilitates corporate workshops on wellbeing and resilience, and has also developed and facilitated workshops on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy internationally. She has also spent many years working within Employee Assistance Programs and is therefore well-versed with helping individuals focus on performance and productivity.

Farah studied her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland and her Master of Clinical Psychology at Help University in Malaysia. She is also a Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Farah is dedicated to continued professional development and is currently focused on learning theories and therapy approaches within the area of Contextual Behavioural Science.

Farah sees individuals aged 18+ years, and is also fluent in Malay.

She is registered to provide Medicare rebates and some private health fund rebates.

clinical psychologist christian counsellor subiaco perth eating disorder relationship counselling couples therapy bulimia anorexia

annie malcolm

Clinical Psychologist
BA(Hons), MPsych(Clinical), MAPS

Annie uses a warm and encouraging style, collaborating with you to find the best fit for your needs. She helps individuals work towards living a fulfilling and meaningful life, be it working on improving mental health and wellbeing, or living a life in accordance with one's values. She is particularly skilled in working with individuals on improving the quality of their relationships, and also does couples counselling.

In her work Annie draws from a range of empirically-validated therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Emotion-focused Couples Therapy.

areas of focus

Annie’s particular strengths lie in assisting people in the following areas:

  • Anxiety (Worrying, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety, Phobias)
  • Trauma
  • Depression + bipolar disorder
  • Low self-esteem
  • Relationship issues (Breaking unhelpful relationship patterns, assertive communications, trust and infidelity, building healthy long-term relationships), including Couples therapy
  • Living a happy and meaningful life aligned with values
  • Emotional eating and eating disorders
  • Problematic alcohol use
  • Work-related issues (Work/life balance, Managing frustration and anger in the workplace)

Annie enjoys working with clients aged 16+, both individually and in couples therapy. She is skilled in working with individuals from a range of cultural and religious backgrounds (particularly Christian backgrounds). 

She trained at The University of Western Australia where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) and her Master of Clinical Psychology. She is a Member of the Australia Psychological Society as well as a Psychology Board-approved psychology supervisor for trainee psychologists, psychology registrars, as well as clinical psychology registrars. 

Annie enjoys maintaining a balance between research and practice. She has worked in a research capacity in hospital settings, as well as clinically in both private practice and hospital settings for over ten years. She also teaches Communication Skills at The University of Western Australia to medical students.

She is registered to provide Medicare rebates and major health fund rebates.

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dr joyce chong

Clinical Psychologist
BSc(Hons), MPsych(Clinical), PhD, MAPS(CCLP)

Joyce is a warm and friendly Clinical Psychologist who enjoys helping people get the most out of their lives. She recognises that leading a productive and fulfilling life draws on boosting positive wellbeing, improving mental health, and developing skills to enhance performance and the daily experience.

As such, her approach in working with individuals is to help them build skills to achieve better work/life balance, build a healthier lifestyle or mindset, or improve wellbeing. To this end she draws on science-backed techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology, Solution-focused Therapy, and Mindfulness. 

areas of focus

Joyce’s particular strengths are in working with the following presentations:

  • Improving wellbeing and resilience through healthy lifestyle habits and a healthy mindset

  • Enhancing performance (Time management, Problem-solving, Goal-setting, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Public speaking and exam anxiety)

  • Stress management, Burnout, and Work/life balance

  • Anxiety (Panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety, Phobias)

  • Trauma (including motor-vehicle accidents)

  • Depression + Bipolar disorder

  • Low self-esteem

  • Health-related issues including adjustment to chronic disease and quitting smoking

  • Perinatal anxiety and depression + Psychological preparation for pregnancy and parenthood

Joyce has extensive experience working with individuals including university students and working professionals to enhance performance, wellbeing and resilience, and mental health. Having worked for many years in university counselling services (with staff and students) as well drawing on her corporate experience she helps individuals with perfectionism, procrastination, low self confidence, exam stress and public speaking anxiety, burnout, and achieving a balance between work and life. Joyce has also written self-help books for university students on managing exam anxiety and overcoming procrastination, and written and facilitated workshops on stress, resilience, and burnout.

She is also passionate in helping individuals prepare for the psychological changes that comes with pregnancy and parenthood, and works particularly well with individuals with a history of anxiety or depression who are pregnant or preparing for a pregnancy. She believes in the importance of psychological preparation for a significant adjustment in terms of lifestyle, mindset, focus/values, and identity.

Clinically, Joyce is also highly skilled in working with anxiety (particularly panic, social anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder), and depression.

Joyce trained at The University of Western Australia where she obtained a Bachelor of Science (with Honours), and a combined Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists, and is a Board-approved psychology supervisor for trainee psychologists, psychology registrars, as well as clinical psychology registrars.

Joyce is registered to provide Medicare and major health fund rebates. She sees individuals aged 16+ years.