Staying healthy at university: The essential ingredients

When we think about doing well at university the focus is often on maximising study hours or improving study techniques. But, let's take a step back and focus on the basics for a moment.

Think of the university semester as a race that lasts for three or four months. Your focus becomes one of making it through from start to finish (that is, from Orientation Week through to the end of your exams) in the best possible way. In order for you to succeed in the semester, there are some essential ingredients to focus on:


A resilient body that lasts the distance

Given that the semester lasts only 12 to 16 weeks you'll want to aim for a body that is free of aches and pains, or illnesses, so that you can last the distance. To do this, we're talking about getting the basics right - sleep, diet, exercise, and hydration. Yes, you may have heard them raised before, but there's a reason why these keep getting brought up!


A clear mind to make decisions that keep you safe

Lasting the distance isn't just about your physical health, it's also about having a clear mind to make decisions that keep you physically safe. We often see the influence of factors that blur sound decision-making and contribute to accidents.

Alcohol and other drugs are often implicated in accidents, drownings, violence, sexual assaults, or just plain regrettable decisions the morning after.

Intense emotions can also affect our ability to make wise choices and react rationally - anger, rage, lust, panic, anxiety, and depression can all affect how we act. 

If there are such factors impacting on your decision-making processes, perhaps it's time to take a closer look and start to make some changes. 


We've put together a handy reference guide below. To download a printable version click here.

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