The Must-Have Resource List for University Students


Hey! Happy last day of March, and to finish off our focus this month on university students we’ve curated a very university student-friendly list of resources to help your journey through the semester/year/degree much easier.



The best places to look for study skills? Your very own university. There’s typically a Learning Centre, usually attached to the library or student services. Examples of what you can find include this resource list from The University of Sydney, and this list from Curtin University

Evernote allows you to take notes, create to do lists, access it across multiple devices, and share with others (hello, study group!).

Remember how we blogged in our post on How to Choose the Right Study Techniques about how testing yourself and spaced repetition were important to performance? Well it turns out that you can do just that with Anki, an online flashcard builder.

Organisational skills including effective time management and keeping procrastination at bay are critical in succeeding in your studies. Check out The University of Melbourne’s tips on time and task management.  



Budgeting It may not be the most exciting thing to consider when you think about being a university student, but when you consider that being clued in to what is going on with your finances helps immensely. Consider this excellent budgeting sheet with tips for money management put together by the University of Melbourne.

Cooking Seriously, we strongly recommend that you bookmark this page on  This website has it all when it comes to student cooking, from food budgeting for students, kitchen hygiene, healthy eating from students, and, of course, simple recipes.

Home skills Cleaning, doing laundry, check out Cleanipedia’s tips just for students. 



We blogged about how Why Communication and Social Skills Matter at University, and it’s clear that these skills will come in handy long after your studies have finished. For a “How To” summary check out this excellent resource from The University of Kent, which covers skills like making conversation, giving feedback, and active listening. 

Here’s some information about working together in teams brought to you by The University of Queensland.   



Below are some tools and resources to help you develop a healthy inner and outer self.

The Skill Collective okay so this may be a cheeky shout out to ourselves, but check in with us regularly as we blog on mental health and wellbeing topics. As psychologists our main focus is on building skills for a Healthy Mindset (in fact, check out our series on how to Develop and Healthy Mindset).

We also looked at tips for a healthy lifestyle including our recent post on the Essential Ingredients for Staying Healthy at University

For more information on living healthily take a look at this Student Health page at NHS Choices site which covers health issues relevant to university students including smoking, alcohol and other drugs, exercise, and sexual health.

If you're into meditation try Smiling Mind which is a great app that you can use on the go.




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