5 amazing men's health resources

November is coming to a close, and with it our focus on Men’s Health this month. Today we’re talking about some resources for men’s health.

If you’ve been lost in the information wilderness, this concise, curated list will be your best friend. Without further ado, let’s introduce our top 5 resources (you can link directly to them by clicking on the green headings!).



1. Foundation 49: Men’s Health

We often think of Men’s Health as one big category, but the reality is that there are men of all ages, and each age stage presents unique health challenges. So, how do you distill what is important to you, at your age? Enter Foundation 49: Men's Health.

This fantastic website outlines men’s health issues for every decade – what men need to know about the unique challenges for their health in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s+. Their motto is to enable men to live longer and healthier lives, and they focus on prevention and early detection.


2. Men's Shed

When it comes to men’s health, in particular mental health, positive relationships and being connected to others is an important ingredient for wellbeing (you can see some other ingredients important for wellbeing here). 

Of course, not everyone has ready access to their mates – some have friends who live far away, others may have seen their friendship circle shrink over time as family and work commitments pile up.

Another barrier may simply be that when you mention social connectedness and the importance of relationships, some men think of it as being too touchy-feely and it’s not just something that they're into.

Enter Men’s Shed. It’s a place to get focused and get busy with being productive, contributing to the community, and connecting with others. The point of Men's Sheds is not necessarily to sit around in a circle and talk about feelings, though you can certainly have a chat with others if you'd like to. Rather, there is a structured focus on being part of a supportive and productive environment - some Men’s Sheds have community-based projects involving woodwork, painting, model-making, recycling bicycles, making cubby houses, etc.

3. Healthy Food Guide

There’s a lot of talk about a healthy lifestyle as an integral part of men’s health, and diet is certainly one aspect of this. Yet, it can often be tedious sifting through a whole lot of health-related information to find something particularly relevant to your circumstances.

Guess what? These guys have done it for you. It's a great resource for everyone, but what's particularly good about this website is that it has a dedicated section for Men's Health. Of particular note is this article on Your Guide to Man Traps – the food traps unique to men 


4. Movember

It’s not just a cool movement designed to encourage annual facial fuzz.

It’s a way of breaking down stigma when it comes to men talking about their health, and it’s also a good resource for information on Men and Mental Health, Testicular Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Men’s Health more generally.


5. Men’s Line

This is a resource filled to the brim with useful information for a range of topics just for men. Let’s take a quick look at the comprehensive range of services that Men’s Line offers:

- Useful information on relationships of all types? Check.

- Handy hints for improving your manly wellbeing, including tips for managing anger, adjusting to retirement, and healthy guidelines for alcohol? Check.

- An online forum to bounce ideas off other men? Check.

- Professional phone and online support and information service? Check.


So, there’s no excuse when it comes to being lost in the information wilderness when it comes to Men’s Health now!


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