Why Men's Health matters to all of us

Men's health. It's easy to dismiss it as not being your issue if you're not male. Even if you're male, it's easy to think "Ah, my health will be fine" and become complacent about it.

But what impact does the health of our men really have?

If you're male, it has an impact on your life expectancy and your quality of life. It matters how good you feel within your body, how much energy you have, and whether you're free from illness or disease.

These physical factors then have a real psychological impact (see our blog post on How Mind + Health are Connected), influencing how you think and how you interpret situations.

Your physical health also impacts on your social life, affecting your ability and/or willingness to interact with others and to feel connected to others.

Even if you're not male, men's health still matters.

Ask yourself what is the impact of the men in your life suffering from ill health. Does it mean that you take on the role of a carer? Does it mean that your relationships and interactions are affected? Does it affect how you are treated? Does it limit what you can do together? Does it limit your enjoyment of the time that you spend together?

The thing is, we really can't afford to sit back and see men's health as being exclusively the domain of males. It has a real impact on all of us, so let's all look to making a difference. That's why we're highlighting the good work of Movember this month. Raise money and raise awareness by growing a mo, getting moving, and talking.

Let's make a splash when it comes to men's health - it affects all of us.




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