Our team at The Skill Collective

At The Skill Collective we've assembled a great team of psychologists to help you build skills in a wide range of areas, be they working on managing stress at work, to relationship challenges, and also when your wellbeing feels a bit wobbly. 

Read on to learn more about each of us and our areas of focus.

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Clinical Psychologist
BA(Hons), DPsych(Clinical), MAPS, FCCLP

Emilita is a warm and compassionate psychologist with a special interest in working with individuals to change unhelpful habits and thoughts that affect performance in different aspects of life, mental health, and general wellbeing.

She practises from a range of evidence-based therapies, including Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Positive Psychology.

areas of focus

Emilita’s particular strengths are in working with the following presentations:

  • Performance-based issues for students and adults, including study skills, public speaking, procrastination, exam anxiety, performance anxiety, and perfectionism.

  • Depression and mood regulation difficulties, helping individuals identify factors maintaining their mood difficulties (e.g. avoidance, low self-esteem, unhelpful thinking styles).

  • Anxiety (Worry/Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic attacks, HealthAnxiety, Social anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  • Stress management, Burnout, and Work/life balance.

  • Helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (formerly Asperger’s Syndrome) to build awareness of emotions and develop skills to manage anxiety and stress.

Emilita enjoys working openly, empathically, and collaboratively to help individuals understand their situations and tailors evidence-based interventions to their unique needs and goals. She studied at the University of Queensland and Griffith University.

Emilita works with adults and children aged 16+ years, and is registered to provide Medicare and health fund rebates. She is fluent in Indonesian.