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Looking for a one-stop shop full of tips to help boost your Wellbeing, Mental Health, and Performance? Our Resource Library contains tips to help you to:

Bounce Back when you feel frazzled or your wellbeing and mental health feel a bit wobbly

Achieve more in life with your goals and your productivity at work and at play

Grow and flourish in life using tips drawn from positive psychology, wellbeing, and resilience

what's in the resource library?

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Our Wellbeing tips are written by us (we're psychologists!), backed by science, and draw on our clinical experience. In other words, we're translating science into practical, easy-to-use tips.

Here's a little sneak peek as to what you can find in our Resource Library - it's ever-growing so check back often!



  • K10 your Mental Health Check Up

  • How to make small talk when you're Socially Anxious

  • How to Recover from Burnout

  • 15 tips to Reduce Stress: A guide for Busy People

  • 4 tips to get the most out of any Treatment

  • Alcohol: Is it time to Rethink your Drink? (take the test to see if your drinking is becoming problematic)

  • What to do in case of a panic attack?

  • How to manage performance anxiety

  • 5 ways to move past anxiety and ‘what if’ worries


  • 4 tips to help you Spring Clean your Life

  • How to get more done at Work

  • 4 simple steps to Make Changes that Stick

  • When Perfectionism harms your Wellbeing

  • 10 Wellbeing problems facing High Achievers

  • Mindset: How it makes or breaks your Performance

  • How to succeed at University and Beyond

  • Fight or Flight on Campus: How anxiety affects your studies


  • 7 Health Behaviours that boost your Wellbeing

  • 5 habits for Healthy Self-Esteem

  • 3 tips for the right mindset for Pregnancy + Birth

  • Men's Health: The Essential Checklist

  • Resilience - 3 tips to boost your Psychological Immunity

  • How to get Unstuck from Conflict in Relationships

  • Why is Sleep important? (and how to get a better night of sleep)

  • 5 tips for good mental health at any age

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