Our team at The Skill Collective

At The Skill Collective we've assembled a great team of psychologists to help you build skills in a wide range of areas, be they working on managing stress at work, to relationship challenges, and also when your wellbeing feels a bit wobbly. 

Read further to learn more about each of us and our areas of focus.

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dr keely bebbington

Clinical Psychologist (Registrar)
BSc(Hons), MPsych(Clinical),PhD, MACPA

Keely is a compassionate and practical therapist with a special interest in helping clients during significant life events, be it grief, adjusting to a health diagnosis, or other significant changes.

She helps individuals work through the anxiety and stress that such significant changes bring. Keely also has a special interest in working with depression, chronic pain, and interpersonal relationships (including improving attachment working from a Circle of Security approach).

areas of focus

Keely’s particular strengths are in working with the following presentations:

  • Building resilience in adjusting to life events (e.g. relationship breakdown, loss/grief, health diagnoses, pregnancy and parenting)
  • Health issues (e.g. alcohol misuse, chronic pain, rehabilitation)
  • Anxiety (Worry/Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic attacks, Phobias, Social anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Stress management, Burnout, and Work/life balance
  • Helping parents build positive relationships with children from a Circle of Security framework

Through her training and clinical work Keely has gained experience in pain management and rehabilitation, alcohol and substance misuse, as well as trauma and anxiety. She takes an open and inquisitive approach to an individual's experience of how difficult situations impact on their wellbeing, and focuses on how to tailor evidence-based techniques to best suit an individual's particular needs.

In addition to her clinical work Keely also works in research at the Telethon Kids Institute in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and has worked at The University of Western Australia tutoring undergraduate psychology students.

Keely trained at The University of Western Australia, where completed her PhD on the impact of anxiety on the communication of emotional information.

She works with adults as well as children aged 3+ years.  Keely is registered to provide Medicare and some health fund rebates.