Our Services

Individual consultations

Individual consultations are an ideal way to find a tailored approach to your needs. We focus on understanding what you would like to achieve, what strengths you have in achieving these goals, and teach you skills to achieve your goals.

This one-to-one focus means that the skills that you learn are focused on your particular needs.

Sessions may be eligible for Medicare or private health fund rebates. We also see clients through ICWA, WorkCover, and EAP; check first to see that you have approval with these organisations.


Coming in 2018 we're bringing online workshops for those who prefer to build better skills in their own time. Look out for our workshops on the following topics:

  • Relationships
  • Skills for a productive life

In the meantime feel free to check out our FREE 14-day Wellbeing Challenge. With 14 days of wellbeing tips delivered straight to your inbox, it's perfect for busy lifestyles.

We continue to run our in-house workshops on Burnout and Resilience, and How to lead a Productive Life, and are available for in-house training for your organisation.

Blog + Resource Library

We blog regularly about building skills for a better life. You can learn more about topics such as resilience, burnout, anxiety, depression, how to build a healthier lifestyle and a more positive mindset.

You can also get access to our FREE Resource Library which contains exclusive tips that you won't find on our blog.


Joyce and Annie are Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) approved to provide supervision to registrar psychologists under the 4+2 internship, 5+1 internship, and higher degree program. They are also able to supervise clinical psychology registrars.

We also provide general support to other mental health professionals seeking to enhance patient outcomes by working with the psychological component of behaviour change.

At this point in time we are only available to provide external supervision.