Merry Christmas to all: Our 2018 blog roundup and holiday opening hours

Merry Christmas from The Skill Collective, Psychologists and counsellors in Subiaco Perth

Merry Christmas from The Skill Collective

From our team at The Skill Collective we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Thank you for your support this year and being part of our blog journey. Here’s a quick blog roundup of 2018 in case you missed what we blogged about this year:

Building better relationships

Building better relationships was our feature series for 2018 with our blog posts on Why relationships and social connections matter for health and wellbeing which outlines some mechanisms by which positive social connections can boost our physical and emotional wellbeing. The importance of positive relationships starting from birth were highlighted in How to improve your parent-child relationship, and we looked at 4 tips to help build better romantic relationships. Finally, our relationship series also featured the importance of psychological flexibility in helping us get unstuck from unhelpful patterns in relationships.

Mental health check-up and quick tips for managing anxiety

With the annual World Mental Health Day we used it as an opportunity for a Mental health Checkup. Sure, our mental health will vary depending on what’s going on in our lives, but if you’ve been feeling different for quite a few weeks perhaps a Mental Health Checkup is in order.

We also got more specific when talking about mental health issues in our updated post on Psychological risk factors for perinatal depression and anxiety, and What to do in case of a Panic Attack. Given the impact of work stress on mental health, we also wrote about How mindfulness helps with worrying and anxiety at work.

Looking after students

At The Skill Collective we love helping students perform at their very best, helping them to learn how to learn, how to manage their time effectively, and also how to manage their exam stress and anxiety. We refreshed our blog posts for students in How to choose the right study techniques and 6 sure-fire strategies to manage exam stress. Look out in 2019 as we launch something really special for students in collaboration with Dr Kevin Yong from Eat Move Chill.

Getting productive

Finally, we focused on enhancing performance by building productivity, be it at work or at play. Importantly, we recognised the importance of sticking at goals that we set - noting that motivation and staying on track are often the most challenging aspects of behaviour change. Particularly as is the case with health and wellbeing goals (ahem…New Year’s resolutions), we strongly advocate keeping things on your radar so that you can stay focused on where you want to go.

And, of course, we launched our Productive Life Planner, a free monthly/weekly/daily planner to help you get productive at work, study, and in your personal life. Stay tuned in 2019 when we launch a special something to make staying on track with goals even easier!

Our opening hours over the Christmas and New Year period

We’re taking a break to recharge and refresh for the new year, and hope you will too! We’re now closed, and will reopen on January 7, 2019.

We understand that Christmas can often be a stressful time and bring up some strong and at times unsettling emotions. Should you be experiencing a crisis the following organisations may be able to provide assistance (please note - these organisations are based in Australia and if you are overseas please look into helplines local to you):

Have a safe and restful Christmas, and we’ll see you in 2019.

From the team at The Skill Collective

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