Feeling stale from Christmas and end-of-year stress?

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Feeing stale from Christmas and end-of-year stress?


It’s that time of the year… we’re so close to the end yet there’s still a couple of weeks to get through. You may have finished up at work or exams are over, yet there’s still the planning of festive activities and catching up with family and friends. An that’s not even thinking about Christmas presents…

Here at The Skill Collective we’re looking forward to the end of year break (our office is closed from 22nd December and we’re open again on 7th January), and over the next few months we’re casting off the staleness and looking to shake things up:

  • We’re bringing you short courses to get more targeted, and more tailored, assistance

  • We’re collaborating with Dr Kevin Yong from Eat Move Chill on a special resource for students (you’ll want to get your hands on this!)

  • We’re expanding our corporate services offerings

  • And, we’re freshening up our look in the new year.

If Christmas and end-of-year is a stressful time for you, why not check out these blog posts to help with the silly season…

  • For those who find the stress of socialising at parties overwhelming, check out our article on Christmas parties: A guide for the socially anxious.

  • If you’re travelling over the break have a look at this article on 10 Top Travel Tips to see how you can organise your ‘outside world’ and ‘inside world’ to make for a smooth(er) holiday.

  • Festive stress is very real…take a look at some statistics here, including around 50% of people turning to coffee to cope up with chaotic schedules, and many overloading on unhealthy treat foods to get through this time.

The good news is that the stress and staleness will be over soon, and with the new year comes a time for change and renewal. To get the jump on 2019 goals, take a look at the following resources:

  • Setting goals is easy. Staying on track to maintain motivation is a bit trickier. Find out how to make sticking your new goals far easier here.

  • Health and wellbeing goals are top of the list for most New Year resolutions. Again, motivation is key, so here’s one simple way to achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

  • Get tip sheets on how to boost your wellbeing, mental health, and performance from our Resource Library and get off to a great start for the new year.

  • Track your goals in 2019 using our FREE Productive Life Planner, which you can find below.

Above all, hang in there…a new year and a new start will be here soon!

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