14-day Wellbeing Challenge

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Want wellbeing tips that fit your busy lifestyle? Meet our 14-day Wellbeing Challenge.

Ideal for the time-poor, each day one tip is emailed to your inbox. The tips focus on boosting the body, mind, or heart, and take just 15 minutes each. 

Our tips are written by clinical psychologists (that's us!) and backed by science and our clinical experience. And...it's FREE!

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Why THIS wellbeing challenge?

What sets this one apart from the others? Here are some points in case you need further convincing:

  • We're about practicality. Over the years we've worked with many busy, time-poor individuals who want to improve their wellbeing but feel blocked by how much effort is involved. We find that the tips that tend to be used are brief and practical, hence we've chosen tips that can be carried out in 15 minutes.


  • We won't just cover some generic advice, such as "turn your negative thoughts into positive ones". Each tip is broken down to outline How To carry out each tip and Why it works. Our tips blend reflection exercises (e.g. Reviewing where your current wellbeing is at) with more hands-on strategies (e.g. Slow breathing, mindfulness in eating, cognitive restructuring).


  • It's delivered in bite-sized chunks. Together with each tip taking just 15 minutes, it's far easier way to work on your wellbeing each day. Ever been given a long list of strategies and think "I can always refer to the list when I need it?" but don't really action it? Yup, that's why we've gone for a daily delivery of only one tip that takes just 15-minutes


As a taster, some of the things we'll cover in our 14-day Wellbeing Challenge include tips for the:

  • BODY: These tips look at boosting physical health to improve your overall wellbeing. The tips include managing your energy levels better, mindful eating, breathing for relaxation, and getting more sleep.


  • MIND: These tips look at how our thoughts affect our wellbeing. We cover tips including setting yourself up for a positive mindset for the day, how to catch a negative thought, how to accept a frustrating situation, and unplugging/digital detox.


  • HEART: These tips recognise that social connectedness and positive emotions buffer against stress and depression. They cover tips such as nurturing social connections, savouring the moment, and doing a good deed for someone.


Interested? Sign up below and you can get started right away (remember to check your email to confirm your enrolment).

See what others are saying about the 14-day Wellbeing Challenge

"Amazing and I would love this to be an everyday thing." - Carly
"Great 14-day challenge, you've done an amazing job and I love that your content is available on your blog." - Name withheld
"I enjoyed completing this course. I found it to be educational and entertaining, whilst also being fairly time efficient." - Name withheld
"The 14-day Challenge was a good refresher, reinforcing my previous learning. It was delivered in an easy to follow format and was practical. I didn't find any of the activities too time consuming or difficult to complete. Thank you." - Julie

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